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The Branch Manager is responsible for overseeing daily branch operations to attain Slakey Brothers’ goals in the areas of inside sales, customer service, branch operations, human resources and profitability. The primary focus is on monitoring, planning, directing and coordinating the branches daily and long-term operations in order to maximize productivity and to ensure compliance with the Company’s policies and procedures; managing expenses to the budget; protecting the Company’s assets; and providing a safe and positive working environment for employees. The Branch Manager must establish himself in a leadership position, constantly motivating employees and customers while creating an enthusiastic and positive environment. The Branch Manager is responsible for developing confidence trust integrity and respect among employees and customers alike.Qualities of a successful Branch Manager include: •Excellent knowledge of the products Slakey Brothers sells•An understanding of Slakey’s Inside Sales, Outside Sales, Warehouse and Delivery Functions•Strong decision making abilities - understands impact and implications of decisions•Strong people management and time management skills•Ability to think creatively and identify improvement opportunities in sales and operations•A positive approach toward challenging situations•Ability to organize people and promote teamwork

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  • •High school diploma or GED required
  • •A college degree preferred (not required)
  • •Excellent knowledge of Slakey products and services
  • •Strong people management and time management skills
  • •Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • •Strong decision-making abilities - understands impact and implications of decisions
  • •3+ years related lead or supervisory experience preferred
  • •Strong people management and time management skills
  • •Positive approach toward challenging situations
  • •Strong presentation skills
  • •Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • •Strong negotiation skills
  • •Able to lift and carry equipment, supplies and inventory on a frequent basis
  • •Thinks creatively and identifies improvement opportunities in sales and operations

澳客网彩票首页  受此影響,歡聚集團股價瞬間跳水,盤中跌幅一度逼近30%  SEC主席提前卸任  根據美國1934年《證券交易法》的規定,美國證券交易委員會作為統一管理全國證券市場的最高行政機構,是直屬美國聯邦政府的獨立機關,具有一定的調查權、處罰權、立法權和司法權

Our team members enjoy excellent wages and a comprehensive benefits package.
Benefits include health care coverage, LTD, 401k Profit Sharing Retirement plan, paid vacation, paid holidays and paid sick leave.
Come join our successful team!
Slakey is an equal opportunity employer.


  • May take between 10 and 15 minutes to complete
  • In order to expedite the process please prepare these items prior to starting the application
    • Past Employment information including list of job duties and contact info
    • List of 3 references with contact information
    • Education background information

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