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  • As a standard business practice, we have a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan in place, which includes a detailed Pandemic Policy and Procedure Plan. This helps us ensure that we can serve you effectively while protecting you, your customers and our employees.
  • To further minimize the potential for exposure, we will be using remote notaries to conduct signings with greater frequency wherever possible.
  • Our employees will maintain appropriate personal space, and refrain from any direct contact, including handshaking, touching or hugging.
  • In addition, we have set up “clean” closing rooms to facilitate safe onsite signings. These rooms will be sanitized both before and after use to ensure everyone’s safety.


Q. Are WFG offices still open?
A. Yes, all WFG’s offices are open by appointment only for closings.
Q. You are handling my closing – how do I know it will still be able to close?
A. While the process may look different, currently WFG remains able to perform all of the necessary title and settlement work in order to close on our customers’ loans.
Q. My closing is coming up – what are my options for signing my documents?
A. WFG’s staff can discuss all the options that are available to you. Please contact your closer for guidance.
Q. What are you doing to ensure I am able to sign my closing documents in a clean space?
A. WFG has designated “clean closing rooms” that are scrubbed before each signing and upon completion of each signing. We also offer hand sanitizer to all parties involved in the signing as well as single use pens. You may read our full cleanliness protocol HERE
Q. I am scheduled to close this week and I just got sick. What should I do?
A. WFG suggests that you reach out to your lender or bank to discuss your options.
Q. If I reside in a State that has issued a stay at home order, will I still be able to close on my loan?
A. Yes, at this time banking services are exempt from the stay at home order. We have numerous options available to you to complete your loan closing process.

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