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Anna Sheldon Hopkins always loved to cook and serve her family and friends. When you went to her house you could almost always find her in the kitchen cooking up a delicious dish. In the 1970's she began to create her own cookbooks called "In Good Taste". Each year Anna would create a new "In Good Taste" cookbook where you could always find 
her favorite recipes both old and new. 

Anna also created a monthly "bulletin" that is sent out with our statements. Most bulletins contain a couple of Anna's favorite recipes and a story to go with them.

On November 2, 2006, Anna passed away peacefully at her home at the age of 84. To honor her memory and wonderful cooking we still send out the monthly newsletters, which are now created by previous recipes she has shared. 

As Anna would say "I share them with you hoping they will bring you joy and satisfaction, that they will taste good and that you will serve them, IN GOOD TASTE."

Click on one of the months below to view the recent monthly bulletin.

Pictured above is a cover to one of Anna Sheldon Hopkins cookbooks.

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